Which flight should I book to get to Kotzebue?


Fly Alaska Airlines to Kotzebue for Alaska Caribou Hunting.

You’ll want to book Flight #151 – 7:42am – from Anchorage on the morning that you will be transported into the field. This gives us plenty of time to pick you up from the AK Airlines Terminal, grab all your gear & get you over to our building (only about 500 yards down from AK Airlines on the Tarmac).

Once you’re at our building, we will go through a hunter orientation, complete the necessary paperwork and collect your final payment for the trip (this payment needs to be in cash – due to the remoteness of our location).

After the paperwork and orientation is completed, you will have time to go through your gear, move your rifles from hard cases to soft, store any items you won’t need while you’re in the field and then you’ll be transported to your location at the earliest time possible.

Keep in mind, weather in the Kotzebue area is always unpredictable, so sometimes we have to “wait out” fog, wind, weather or things that would prevent the planes from launching. But coming in on the early flight generally gives us plenty of time.