What if some of us want the camp rental and some of us don’t?


Our Camp Rental provides most of what you need for your Alaska hunting trip without the hassle.

Unfortunately, the camp rental is set up for a minimum of two people at the $650 per hunter rate – so it would have to go in groups of two.

Now, if you have a hunt group of four, and two want it and two do not, then sure, you can do that.

But to have a hunt party of two and one wants it and the other doesn’t, it won’t work for the weight restrictions for for the small planes we fly you into the field with.
Remember, your limit is 70 pounds of gear per hunter, excluding the weight of the hunter’s body and a high powered rifle for hunting. If you’re NOT getting our camp package, you are allotted 125 pounds of gear per person.

KEEP IN MIND: When you’re packing for your hunt, we need to have your gear packed in MEDIUM soft sided bags – not the large/XL bags that you can put a person or two into. NOW – that’s not to say you can’t stuff the medium bags into larger bags to combine gear for your commercial flights to and from Kotzebue – just remember, we need to ‘break down’ the larger bags into smaller ones in order for them to fit into the smaller planes you’ll be flying in!

By the way, the average American man weights a bit under 200 pounds. If your group shops at the big and tall store, please let us know so we can plan ahead for the airplane.

We had a group recently where every member must have been football linebackers tipping the scales near 300 pounds. It caused us a delay in getting them out to the field, and another getting them back with all the meat they shot.

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