What about water? Do we need a purifying system or what?


Theres usually plenty of fresh clean water available during your Alaska Caribou Hunting Trip.

Most the time there is fresh water at all the camp sites we utilize. However, we fly you into places that the Caribou are traveling, so sometimes we have to carry in water from town.

The Camp Rental comes with collapsible 5 gallon jugs that would be filled prior to you launching for your site. Mike always has a good idea where he’s taking you when the time comes, so he will tell us whether or not to pack water.

If you do not go with the camp rental, you’ll want to bring a couple of those collapsible containers and if you need water prior to leaving, we will fill yours.

No need for a purifying system in most cases, the water up there is fresh and tastes fantastic. And you might even get ice with it at no extra charge.