What about our rifles? Anything we need to know?

You will want to bring your rifles in hard cases on the airlines to and from Kotzebue.

However, when you get to our building, we request you remove them from the hard cases and put them in your soft cases in an effort to save room in the smaller planes you will be riding in. HARD CASES WILL NOT BE LOADED ON THE PLANE TO GO OUT IN THE FIELD – BE SURE YOU BRING A SOFT CASE WITH YOU IN YOUR GEAR!

The hard cases and any items you bring with you that you won’t need in the field can remain in our locked storage containers until you return from your hunt.

We always like to make sure our hunters know this – as someone ALWAYS shows up and forgets to bring their soft case with them. Most hunters don’t want to fly with their rifles exposed, but space is tight – especially on the way back – and the hard cases just won’t fit.