Satellite Phone Rentals

The only way to communicate back to us is with a satellite phone. Here are a couple of places that have them, but we’re not recommending any one in particular. Don’t bother with any service other than Iridium. Sat Phones have to be able to “see” a satellite and, so far, only Iridium has worked for us everywhere we’ve gone out here.

Satellite Phone Store

Satellite Phone Store says “Iridium satellite phones are true global phones. With an Iridium satellite phone, you will be able to make and receive calls anywhere in the world for the same rate. Iridium satellite phones are used by Governments, Military, Rescue Teams, Emergency Workers, Hikers, Climbers, Skiers and virtually anyone that must have voice and small data communication at any point on earth. If you are looking for Broadband Satellite Internet”.

Anchorage Satellite Phones

Anchorage Satellite Phones was founded in 2006 to meet the needs of Alaskans and travelers adventuring in Alaska. We saw the need for our Satellite Phones in Alaska area, and have fulfilled a need to the residents and visitors. We have the time and experience to guide you through your satellite phone rental or your satellite phone purchase questions.


Be sure to do your homework on Iridium Satellite Phones … google search or whatever. Lots of different plans and pricing available out there!