Rave Reviews

In a time when people complain loudy and praise quietly, we’re always happy to hear that we’ve made one of our customers happy.  Thank you to all our clients – but especially those that send thanks you’s or brag on their blogs or forums about the great time they had hunting here in Kotzebue with Ram Aviation.

Worked our butts off, but tagged out ….

“Hi Sheila, I hope the season ended well for you guys in Kotzebue!  We had a blast during our time in the Arctic.  We were hoping for a nice, easy “shoot ‘em from camp” kind of hunt, but went in prepared to work hard for it if necessary……good thing we did.  Working our butts off is an understatement, but we were all able to tag out in the end.  Thanks again for all of your work, you guys were great and delivered exactly what was expected.  I attached a few “from the field” pictures as well….thought you and potential future clients might enjoy.  I have at least 2 more groups of guys that will be calling to schedule their trip in the next year or so, following on our coat tails.  I know they will be well cared for.”

— K. Hall, CO Non-Resident Drop Off Caribou Hunter, 2015 Season

What a WHIRLWIND, top notch hunt ….

“We never got a chance to say good bye and thank you this year. We are back safe and sound with all the meat, horns and capes in one piece. I just wanted to take the time to say thanks.  The service you guys provide is top notch!  The guys at the office were absolutely great to us.  Helping with our bags, wrapping antlers, helping us find lodging and getting us there and to the airport.  They worked their butts off and we really appreciated it.   You and Mike were also great to deal with as well.  I still can not believe that 2 hours after you told me it would be a fluke if we got out, I saw him landing on the strip.  Those 24 hours from Tuesday at 4 pm when we shot our animals until Wednesday when we were sitting at the restaurant eating supper waiting to go home, were a whirlwind!”

— L. Murphy, ND Non-Resident Drop Off Caribou Hunter, 2015 Season (return hunter from 2012)

You’re Damn Right I’d go with Ram Aviation again ….

“RAM was a 99 out of 100 for us. The only way they could have been better, is if Sheila would have come along and cooked our meals for us. Their professionalism was top-notch, and our pilot was possibly the best pilot I have ever flown with, and that includes my four years working as a packer/guide in Alaska. Sheila has it all worked out, and I am sure that you will not be disappointed. Something that the average hunter does not understand is that there are MANY things that are out of the control of a guide or an air service’s hands; weather, animal location/migration, and mechanical issues being only a few I can think of off the top of my head. These things can throw a wrench into the smoothness of any hunt, and it is purely the “luck of the draw” when these sorts of things take place. Such things have nothing to do with the service provided, but often the client is so put off, they need to blame someone, and a negative/vengeful reference temporarily makes them feel better. I can’t even imagine having a better experience than I did with RAM. They treated us like we were a part of their family, and I am a cheerleader for them. If anyone asks me about who I would go with, I tell them to call Sheila. You’re damn right I would go with them again. I can’t wait until I save up enough to go after Moose, and I will be going with RAM when I do.”

— D. Kauss ,  Non-Resident Drop Off Caribou Hunter, 2014 Season

Run a Top-Notch Operation ….

“Hi Sheila! Been meaning to send you this note for a while. On behalf of all of us who came up this year I wanted to thank you for the wonderful adventure! Two years of preparing and thinking about this trip – hard to believe it is already over. We sure appreciate how organized and helpful you, your folks, and our pilot were. In hindsight the hunt turned out about perfectly with a cold snap of weather early to get the animals moving and then beautiful weather for the work packing them out. You guys run a top-notch operation. We’ll likely be back, perhaps for a moose next time. If you ever get to Cheyenne or want to come enjoy Frontier Days, don’t hesitate to let me know.” – J. Schaffer, Caribou Hunt 2014

—  J. Schaffer, WY Non-Resident Drop Off Caribou Hunter, 2014 Season

We saw several hundred Caribou ….

Our one and only caribou. We saw several hundred Caribou the day we arrived and saw many others the day we shot this guy (the first day we could hunt). Could have shot a few more but with 9 days to keep the meat we held off. This was the last one we saw. The weather really turned warm and nothing was moving. We did have a Muskox on the beach with us and then after 8 days we had a momma griz and her 3 kids pay us a visit for our last 2 nights. They ate really well. It was a great trip and we really appreciate the hard work Sheila and her crew put in to get everyone into and out of the field with good gear and lots of candy. Oh, there was also other food, but as 4 older guys, we had not eaten that much candy for many years. With the sun tans we all came home with, no one believes we were hunting in Alaska,  Steve”

—  S. Trickett, MO Non-Resident Drop Off Caribou Hunter, 2014 Season

Hunting was tough – what an awesome father/son hunt ….

“Hi Sheila We made it home, late of course – seems this trip was domed for extended lay-overs and missed planes – some even because of me – imagine that. As you know the Hunting was really tough this time around – but lady luck finally shined on Austin and I on the 7th and 9th day of the trip – right after the snow hit and helped force the animal movement. what an awesome father/son – trip and Austins Graduation present. You all performed your duties great and on time just like the first time I hunted with you guys. I really enjoyed meeting your parents this time, say hello to them for Austin and I. We are already dreaming about the next time – thanks for a great time, Doug”

—  D, Wallace, MO Non-Resident Drop Off Caribou Hunter, 2014 Season

What a great time our group had ….

“Hi Sheila –  I meant to get back with you and say what a great time that our group had with you and your staff last month hunting out of Kotz. I was the lucky one in the group only because I was the new guy ……. and they always let the new guy have the first shot! As you know, it got warm and the Caribou stopped moving so the others had no luck. Despite that, your service was outstanding,  the total adventure was  awesome, and it fulfilled a life-long dream of mine. I will see you again! Best Regards, Chuck”

—  C. Boyle, NC Non-Resident Drop Off Caribou Hunter, 2014 Season

Negative reviews posted online were unfounded in my eyes ….

“I just wanted to personally say thank you for the experience our group had.  Hunting is hunting, it’s not killing.  With that said, you lived up to your end of the agreement.  The transportation to the field was as expected and the camping supplies and provisions provided were more than adequate.  These aspects of a “DIY hunt” are very important and should not be overlooked.  As far as the hunt aspect is concerned, you placed us in front of the migration as promised.  We saw caribou every day.  Granted some days were slower than others….but again……hunting is hunting not killing, and any hunter should expect slow days.  I am left with a feeling of complete satisfaction.  The negative reviews posted online were unfounded in my eyes.  The experience that you, your family, and your pilot provided was “A” rate.  Thank you very much!!!  And I will definitely recommend your service.” – Scott

—  S. Smayda, VA Non-Resident Drop Off Caribou Hunter, 2014 Season


Two 60″+ Bulls Taken ….

“This year was our 5th hunt with Ram Aviation and, as always, it was a great pleasure…”

—  T. Rittal, Alaska Resident, 2012/2013 & Again in 2015 Drop Off Moose/Caribou Hunter

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World Class Service & Help

“We just wanted to say thank you so much for accommodating us during your busy time and for the world class service and help..”

— S. Roushar, Alaska Resident, 2012 Drop Off Caribou Hunter

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Exceptional beginning to end …

“I wanted to thank you again …. Everything was exceptional from beginning to the end of our trip …”

— D. Yohe, Pennsylvania Resident, 2011 Drop Off Caribou Hunter

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Already Planning Next Trip …

“Service was professional and well organized …”

–D. Reid, AK Resident, 2011 Drop Camp Moose/Caribou Hunter

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Highly Recommend …

“Our entire crew would highly recommend your operation to anyone who wants to try a drop off adventure…”

–R. Hughes, Pennsylvania, 2011 Drop Camp Caribou Hunter

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Great Moose Hunt!

“You made our float trip very enjoyable … your staff was professional and very helpful”

— Bill & Patti , 2009 Moose Float Hunt

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2 Thumbs Up…

“We hunted with Ram Aviation…we took a 58″ moose and 4 nice caribou and last year we took a 65″ moose and 4 nice caribou…I give them 2 thumbs up and recommend them highly…”

— AKFisherman on Alaska Forums

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