Rates and Schedules


Ram Aviation unguided Alaska Caribou hunts are by far our most sought after and affordable hunts.  They are designed for hunters who are experienced and confident enough in their own hunting skills, they want to take on the challenge on their own – without the expense associated with a guide service.

Because of that, we try to keep our prices as competitive as possible and provide you with some different options …

7 Day Drop Off Caribou Hunt:   $3,750/Hunter (2 Hunter Minimum)

(2 Days for travel into/out of Field + 5 Hunting Days with Camp Gear Rental + Food)

The prices above include our Camp Gear Rental (which includes your food for the duration of your hunt).  If you are coming up to Alaska for your caribou hunt from the lower 48’s, it’s generally more cost effective and less hassle to rent the gear from us vs. paying for the baggage and bringing your own.  Totally up to you, but we like to provide you with options to make your hunt experience the best it can be.  Keep in mind – with the Camp Gear Rental/Food each hunter is limited to 70#’s of gear per person.

If you are interested in a TRANSPORTATION SERVICES ONLY HUNT, please contact us directly and we can provide a quote for you!

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As we’ve discussed throughout the website, our most sought after Moose hunts are based in Game Management Unit #23.  GMU #23 requires Non-Resident hunters to put in to be drawn for the following units:

DM872  *  DM876  *  DM871

The draw entry begins online on November 1st and ends around December 15th (check AKDF&G Website for specifics) for the following year hunt season.  We welcome both residents and non-residents to book their hunts with us, as we have the knowledge and experience to put you in the best hunt areas ….

For RESIDENT hunters of Moose, if you are looking to book your hunt for anything other than the September 1 – 20th season, you will need to check the regulation book and apply for the extended season permit in Kotzebue during the summer prior to your planned hunt.

We are currently taking reservations for both the 2016 & 2017 season, but with a 95% success rate over the last 7 years, our schedule books up fast!

10 Day Drop Off Moose Hunts are based out of Kotzebue, AK


(2 Travel Days Into/Out of the Field + 8 Full Days of Hunting & Camp Gear Rental + Food)

2 Hunter Minimum on any Hunt Party

Even though your hunt may require you to be drawn, you will want to reserve your dates well in advance.  If you wait until the draw results are posted, get drawn and then contact us … we may not have the dates available for you. Reserving the dates you would like to hunt now, will ensure you have the necessary transportation into the field for your hunt. You can work with you on moving the dates to a new year if you don’t get drawn for the year you’ve reserved.

If you haven’t experienced a drop off Alaskan hunt, we strongly suggest you book one of our Alaska Caribou Hunts prior to a moose hunt.  It will give you some great experience in dealing with the terrain, weather and packing out of meat that will help you prepare for the greatest Alaskan Moose Hunt.  Being prepared is essential when you are out in the Alaskan Wilderness.