Kotzebue Weather


Part of successful Alaska Caribou hunting is being prepared for the winter elements that Alaska can bring.

Kotzebue Weather

If you’re coming from the lower 48 for our Alaska caribou hunting, or Alaska moose hunting, you may be checking on the weather in Kotzebue as an indictor of the kind of weather you’ll see out in the field.

Our advice: use it for some guidance, but remember that you may be a hundred or more miles inland, higher in elevation, and away from the ocean.

Generally, expect temperatures to be a little colder and conditions a bit windier, depending on the camp site you end up at for your hunt.

In September, Kotzebue weather will average about 45 degrees (F) during the day and 35 at night. By October, the highs will have fallen to 25 and the lows 15. You could also see some snow. If you check our Alaska hunting pictures you’ll find some with ice and snow (like the one here), others look like typical fall weather in most of the country.

Cold weather isn’t the problem. Being unprepared for cold weather can be a big problem, though. Our advice is to plan for it, as you will be above the Arctic Circle.

Check the links page to find more Alaska climate information links to help you prepare.