If we don’t buy the camp rental, can we just give you a shopping list of items we want?


This is not a picture of a Kotzebue grocery store. Options are limited and prices are high.

It’s really a little more involved than stopping at the local grocery store. Kotzebue is a small, isolated village above the Arctic Circle.

Prices in town are high, you could easily drop $100 getting supplies for a picnic, never mind a week in the field. This “Moving to Kotzebue” webpage gives you some examples of grocery prices…Oscar Meyer Bologna for nearly $6, and Johnsonville Brats for $9.39 a pound.

We bring in the supplies by air at the beginning of the season based on the number of hunters who reserve camp rentals. It requires us to plan ahead and that’s the reason we’ve refined it to a pretty specific list.

Camp Rental package.