How do the Natives react to hunters in Kotzebue?

The Native tradition is still very prevalent in Kotzebue, and subsistence hunting is a way of life for most – if not all of the them. They are very protective of their native cultures and would rather keep “outsiders” out of it. They are friendly and welcoming of you if treat them, their land and their cultures with respect. Having said this, we want to keep it that way.

We ask ALL of our hunters to be aware of these cultures, the people who believe in them and honor them with the utmost respect. Please do not walk around town in your hunting gear and making it apparent as to your only purpose of being in their town is to hunt. Put a jacket on over your cammo. Become just another person frequenting the grocery store or taking a leisurely walk around town. This is very important to keep the peace with the people of Kotzebue and the businesses as well.