Getting to Kotzebue


Alaska Airlines will fly you from Anchorage to Kotzebue for your Alaska caribou hunting trip with Ram Aviation.

Getting to Kotzebue is easy. Alaska Airlines has feeder service to dozens of smaller cities in Alaska. While airline service to a town of less than 3500 people might not be affordable in the rest of the United States, it works in Alaska. That’s because the whole state of Alaska has fewer miles of roads than many larger cities in the country. Everything going into or out of Kotzebue is shipped by boat or by air.

In fact, Alaska Airlines has two (2) flights a day into and out of Kotzebue on a 737. We suggest you set your itinerary to fly in on the first flight of the day on the day you are scheduled to go into the field. It’s an early morning flight that will have you arriving around 8:30am.  Once you’re in Kotzebue, someone from our staff will be there at the terminal to greet you and assist you in getting to our building.

Why so early….. you ask?  Well, earlier is always better when dealing with small airplanes and the Alaska weather.  We need time to get you and your gear from the Alaska Airlines terminal over to our building, where you will get ready to go into the field.  Once at our building, we’ll go through some paperwork with you,  get your personal gear staged and readied and then we do a quick Hunter Orientation with all our hunters to ensure they have the information they need as they embark on their Alaska Hunting Adventure!

Remember to be patient – sometimes with weather, it’s a waiting game to get the planes in the air.  What’s happening in Kotzebue may not be what’s happening out in the field – as they are two very different weather types – one is inland and Kotzebue sits on the Coast.  We may need the extra time to get you into the field and set up.  SAFETY IS ALWAYS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING when you’re dealing with people and planes.  We take that very seriously and don’t want to put our pilots or our hunters in a dangerous situation.

Heading Home

Set your reservations for the day AFTER you are scheduled to come out of the field. We find that most of our hunters want to shower, eat a good meal and get a good nights sleep before making the trip back to their hometown.  This also gives you plenty of time to deal with your meat, antlers and capes when you come out of the field and get them ready for shipping home!

Taking the last flight out gives you some flexibility in your schedule as well for bad weather in the field and gives you time to package up your antlers & meat. Having time to get this all accomplished will make you feel better and make finalizing your trip a must less “rushed” experience.

If you want/need to extend your stay, we have links to Kotzebue lodging. You can also check the links for more information on handling meat and for shipping it home by air or donating it here in Kotzebue.