If you’re going to spend a week in the wilderness of the frozen tundra, you probably have some questions. We’re capturing them and adding them to our “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) list.

We suggest you browse the website and get all the downloads. The more you know in advance the happier you’re going to be.

Which flight should I book to get to Kotzebue?

Which Flight should I book for going home?

Are we on our own to find Ram Aviation or is there someone who will meet us? And how long will it be between when we get to town and when we fly out to hunt?

Can we donate meat from our harvest when we arrive back in Kotzebue?

Can we bone out our meat when we get back to Kotzebue?

How do the Natives react to hunters in Kotzebue?

On the contract it asks for my Alaska License number, do I need to get that now?

What if some of us want the camp rental and some of us don’t?

If we don’t buy the camp rental, can we just give you a shopping list of items we want?

Can we change the camp rental list?

What about water? Do we need a purifying system or what?

What about propane?

Can we pick up any grocery items when we arrive in Kotzebue?

What about our rifles? Anything we need to know?

Can we bring a shotgun to shoot ptarmigan?