Discover Alaska Fishing

Fishing in Alaska is an incredible experience. Salmon and halibut are strongly active along the coasts and in the waters. South Central Alaska hosts most of the state’s population and fishing areas. Mountains, rolling hills, and varied seascapes provide a breathtaking and one-of-a-kind backdrop for your fishing trip. During the summer months, salmon and halibut are plentiful, along with other ocean fish. Southeast Alaska is a land of rooted fjords, flowing streams, and large glaciers. It is here that the salmon and halibut return to in the winter, as it is much less colder there due to the warmth of the ocean. The interior, arctic, and western parts are also excellent for salmon angling, along with graylings, trout, and sheefish. The landscape features wide river valleys and immense forestation. The perfect atmosphere for a fishing excursion.

If halibut is your game, then your peak season is year-round. Hot spots for halibut are all saltwater locations. In order to catch these 20-50 lbs. creatures, a heavy duty reel is needed. Before fishing for halibut make sure your reel passes 70-120 lb. test.

If you need further help deciding what type to angle, think about what your ultimate goal is. If you are looking for an ocean experience, then you should go for halibut. If you are craving a river adventure, then fish for salmon. If you wish to catch Alaska’s biggest game, then choose halibut charter from the Seward and Homer areas.