Can we change the camp rental list?

Short answer, no. But we want to help so lets talk about it early.

As mentioned elsewhere, Kotzebue is a VERY remote area and getting supplies there is a chore at best – there’s no big supermarket or Sam’s Club that you can just run down to and pick something up.

Depending on how many hunters have signed up for the camp rental, we have our lists purchased and all the supplies shipped in prior to our arrival there. So, we pretty much set these things up in a “cookie cutter” manner.

We always tell our hunters that if there is something specific they need (i.e. food for a special diet, etc), they would be best suited to bring it in themselves, in addition to the rental. The biggest reason most people do the Gear Rental is because the weight of the tents, cots, chairs, etc is a lot to try and bring with you from the lower 48’s.

With the rental, it becomes much easier to manage the expenses associated with baggage and shipping costs. But of course, this is entirely up to you.

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