Can we bone out our meat when we get back to Kotzebue?

Actually, our lease lot on the tarmac prohibits us from deboning the meat. So, here’s what happens: One full caribou will fit in two of the wet-lock (wax coated) boxes, so you can purchase the boxes there at our building for like $15/box and my staff will help you get the meat into the boxes. Once in the boxes, you can choose to “ship” or to take with you as checked luggage on Alaska Airlines (generally this is the least expensive way to ship it and the way most hunters choose). Once you get the meat to where you’re going – you can “process” the meat.


We can pack the meat as described above and we can ship it to Anchorage for processing to a meat processing facility we frequently use. They pick it up, process the meat and then ship the processed meat to your house. A lot more expensive, but we have guys do it both ways. Totally up to you.