Camp Rental List


Our Camp Rental provides most of what you need for your Alaska hunting trip without the hassle.

Over 20 years we’ve, developed the Camp Rental into a bit of a science.

We’ve honed our shopping and shipping to a point where we think we can offer you the best prices anywhere on this package.

A printable version is available here– it’s also the first one changed if we have any changes.

This package is what we supply every 2 hunters for the duration of the hunt.

Alaska Hunting Rental Camp Gear

1 six man guide model tent
1 stove with 4 one-pound propane bottles
2 cots
2 chairs
2 rolls of toilet paper
1 tarp
1 box of matches and lighter
1 cook set
4 garbage bags
1 lantern with mantels
2 sets of utensils: silverware, plates, bowls and cups
1 or 2 collapsible water containers (depends on campsite)
1 roll paper towels
1 dish soap
10 quart-size plastic bags
20 feet of twine
1 coffee pot
4 game bags for meat
1 basic first aid kit

Alaska Hunting Food Supply

2 loaves of bread
1 Jar of Jelly
1 Jar of Peanut Butter
1 Instant Coffee
Candy/Granola Bars
Instant Oatmeal
Hot Chocolate
Ramen Noodle Soups
Gatorade / Kool-Aid
Instant Rice/Pastas
Cooking Oil
Coffee Mate / Sugar

In addition to the above noted items, we provide Breakfast & Lunch/Dinners with the use of Mountain House food. Breakfast entrees include Oatmeal & Scrambled Eggs (with and without Peppers) and Lunch/Dinners are considered DOUBLE servings with a variety of different selections which include Pork, Chicken or Beef entrees. We switched to these and have received great feedback on the quality/variety of food, in addition, it’s easy for you to prepare and clean up. Remember: Keeping a Clean Camp is an important part of your Alaskan experience.

This is our shopping list, sometimes we have to substitute something of equal value (stew in place of soup, etc). If there is something special you want or need, please bring it with you. Do not count on being able to get it in Kotzebue before you leave.

Other Notes

Remember, this is entirely optional. You can buy things cheaper at home, but by the time you pay to ship them or to bring it as added luggage, you’ll be paying a lot more.

Also keep in mind that some of the camp items will be shared by all the hunters this season. We ask you to treat the gear as your own, since tents and stoves and the like are not easy to come by in remote Kotzebue. If you break it or lose it you’ll have to pay for it. Replacement costs (and shipping) are high in the middle of the season. The equipment rental occurs in Kotzebue and you have to bring it back with you to get your deposit back.

One important note: Do not cook inside your tent. It can cause a fire and leave you without shelter – but, more importantly, it will deplete the oxygen and could kill you. As we’ve said elsewhere, cold weather isn’t the problem, not being prepared for cold weather can be a major problem. Gear up right and you’ll have a lot more fun.

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