Camp Gear Rental

Many hunters coming up from the lower 48’s may find that attempting to bring all their gear with them on the commercial airline flights, may be a daunting task!  Between what it costs for the excess baggage and the cost of your food/gear, you may be pleasantly surprised at the cost/ease of travel for you as you head into the planning of your upcoming Alaska Caribou or Moose hunt.

The Camp Gear Rental/Supply List is an extensive list we have streamlined over the years as a “complete” list of items you will need while on your Caribou or Moose hunt.  However, you will still need to bring your own personal gear, sleeping bag, sleeping pad and of course all those “extras” that you generally hunt with.  We do have a “suggested” gear list that you’ll want to review to ensure you have everything you need on your Alaska hunting experience!

Your gear rental begins with a Cabela’s 6 Man Guide Model tent that will set the stage for your comfort while in the field.  The cost for the Gear Rental/Food is built into our published rates – but this is an “option”.  Please contact us for a discount if you are interested in bringing your own gear/food for the duration of your hunt.

When you sign up for the Camp Gear Rental, you will pick up your gear when you arrive in Kotzebue and it will be transported into the field with you when you go in for your hunt.  Having the gear there when you arrive, makes traveling a bit easier fo you.  Keep in mind, if you choose to take the rental, it will REDUCE your personal weight limit to 70#’s/Hunter, as the gear takes up the additional weight allowance.

We ask that you treat the gear as if it was your own, as others will need to rely on it as well. You will be required to pay for damaged/lost equipment, and ask that you do not cook inside your tent. This can deplete oxygen and can damage the tent leaving you without shelter. Use of your camp stove to heat your tent can cause you to run out of propane. Bringing the proper gear will have you outfitted to be comfortable without wasting fuel in this manner.

KEEP IN MIND:  This equipment is rented in Kotzebue and returned to our Kotzebue facilities when your hunt is complete.  Ram Aviation is NOT an Outfitter and does NOT provide any Outfitting services.  You are picking up and taking with you the Camp Gear & Food with you on the plane and into the field, where you will set up/tear down your own camp.