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Tracking the Wounded Bear On Leash

Bear tracking dachsundMany hunters know that a standard dachshund can be bred for hunting wounded deer and is a natural choice. What many may not know however is that the dogs are a fine selection for tracking a wounded bear as well. They become especially valued in areas where off-leashed hounds are prohibited. Such is the case in New York State where a good wirehaired dachshund can pick up the strong scent of a beer where no blood trail may be visible.

Several trackers from Deer Search have taken advantage of the abilities of the dachshund, even with dogs that have never tracked a bear before. It isn’t uncommon for the breed to give a quizzical glance before setting out, but once the scent is caught, they are on it same as a wounded deer. Bears often leave no blood trail as the massive creature’s fur and fat can absorb it all, leaving little on shrubs or ground to follow. That is when it is time for a frustrated hunter to call in for the leashed tracker where laws are stricter.

The dachshund are known to pick up the trail after as much as a 48 hour lapse from the hit, leading the way through tough terrain and dense foliage in search of the prize. It’s best to leave the trek for daylight though as a wounded bear is nothing you want to stumble upon unexpectedly in the dark.

When it’s a deer being tracked, the dachshund will be more inclined to take an excited nip at the found beast. But a bear is a different matter. The dogs appear to instinctively understand the majestic power of a wounded bear and are less likely to jump in and show unwarranted bravado: maybe a quick snap at the fur of a fallen trophy, but not much else.


Source: Born To Track