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Alaska Wildlife- The Fishing Forecast

Fishing is king in Alaska, but with the numbers of fish appearing on sonar being the lowest they have been in years fisherman are worried about the future. Analysts are predicting that the numbers of fish will rise as the weather warms up as many of the larger lakes (Lake Louise, Susitna, Tyone, Paxson, and Crosswind) are still not free of ice and have very little open water around the shoreline to fish in.

The Kenai River is home to a host of all-tackle fishing records, the most recent of which was a 72-pound, 3-ounce fish caught in July of 2004. As of late however the fish have seemed to slowly dry up, with only 643 fish passing through sonar since last Tuesday. Experts say that most of the run is probably north or heading for other rivers.

Things aren’t all bad however, in both Whittier and Homer anglers have been able to catch their limit of Halibut with no problem. There have also been multiple whale sightings in Homer, but even the whales haven’t been able to keep the Halibut from biting. In Anchorage the lake fishing has been good, with Jewell Lake providing the best results.

alaska kenai river

Out east in the Copper Basin the rivers are still running high and dirty, having only recently opened for personal fishing last Monday there hasn’t been much to report. Due to a late break up followed by high river waters in the Copper River sockeyes are not expected to reach the Klutina River before June 15th. The same high and muddy waters are effecting the Gulkana River and have experts predicting low amounts of king salmon for the year as well as telling anglers to prepare for in-season restrictions.

Only time will tell if the fish will return in their usual abundance. There are about two weeks left until all of the rivers are ice free and completely fishable, anglers are hoping that as the rivers warm up the fish will come back, and more importantly start to bite once more.


Source: Alaska Fishing

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