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Paperback Inspiration

Minnesota Fishing GuideIn today’s digitally-connected environment, where news feeds are updated by the second and you need to regularly update your mobile device in order to read even the most basic text messages, it’s refreshing to hear how a simple paperback book (remember those!) still maintains a currency 35 years after its initial publication. Tim Leimeister, an outdoor enthusiastic and journalist, was recently sorting through a slew of books he’d accumulated over the years, when he came across a little paperback book written by his friend Ron Schara.

The book in question, titled “Minnesota Fishing Guide,” remains in print decades after its initial publication. The one thing, however, that Leimeister notes after perusing his copy is that the world of fishing has many constants unaffected by time. He highlights Schara’s stinging, albeit humorous, condemnation of the ‘gentrification’ of outdoor activities. Schara writes, “The largemouth bass has become the national superstar in freshwater angling. In recent years, mature, responsible fishermen have gone dingy over the fish. They ride in [expensive] bass boats; they wear bass-fishing clothes; they use bass rods, reels, lures and buy any gadget as long as it promises more bass.”

Schara’s book goes on such topics as how to understand why fish choose a part of the lake, and how to find those parts of a lake, without a GPS device! Leimeister reminds us that great pearls of wisdom and information are tucked away in little read books, all over our homes. You don’t need a computer to access them, they work with the same ‘technological tools’ that you used 35 years ago, and they are very durable and flexible as reading devices. Hooray for those old paperback books.


Source: Outdoor News

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