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Not All Camouflage Is Equal

Not all camo is equalCabela’s, the outdoor outfitter started in 1961, exists today as a major force in the outdoor sports retail market. It has a large share of both the online and in-store retail sales and, as such, shapes the future of hunting, fishing, and outdoor sporting activities. Interest from other retailers and the individual consumer are high when Cabela’s makes any announcements and their recent introduction of “ColorPhase” technology was no different, sparking much debate.

ColorPhase technology refers to camouflage patterns that change color from greens to brown and grays in relation to temperature. In mild temperatures, the patterns are highlighted by greens that blend perfectly with the early-season or spring foliage, but as the temperature drops, the greens transform to late-season shades of brown. The patterns are printed with a rapid-change, temperature-activated dye. Products that use this new technology include pants, shirts, jackets, caps, and even gloves.

The clothing you wear will not make you a better hunter, but this innovation is being touted by some experts as revolutionary. While some animals, such a whitetail deer, cannot distinguish between the same shades of brown and green, turkey, waterfowl, and non-nocturnal birds generally can and, therefore, ColorPhase may keep you in the game longer as you plot your harvest. Some folks will purchase ColorPhase products for the innovative, “it’s cool” factor, while some more experienced hunters may find the camouflage useful in certain conditions. What is clear is that Cabela’s has developed and introduced yet another product that greatly will significantly shape and influence hunters and their choices for the next few years.


Source: Outdoorhub