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Local Fisherman Crafts His Own Rods

Wes - Fishing RodsHunting and fishing are all about independence and Wes Powell, who grew up in Cumberland, MD, tying his own flies and now making rods of his own design, takes independence to a whole new level.

Powell learned at a young age how to deal with the frustrations of that come with creating useful fishing tackle;these skills have made if possible for him to create over 40 intricate spinning rods.  These works of art range from 7.5 feet, down to 4.

He uses rattlesnake and cobra skins for inlays as well as occasionally inlaying feathers from his tying bench as aesthetic features in his designs.

Uninterrupted, Powell can crank out a beautiful rod in two days time. The bulk of which includes time for drying, which can take up to 24 hours.  He fishes everyday, now that he’s retired and might travel as far a New York for large-lake run trout.  He spends winters working on rods in his basement, which he keeps a constant 70 degrees to insure a proper environment for drying epoxy.

There is always something new to learn and do. “I like to experiment with new techniques,” Powell said. “Right now I’m learning the diamond wrap or cross wrap.” Powell said he experiments on old broken pieces of rod or even on some of his old aluminum arrows.

While Powell has sold a few rods, he’s content enjoying this work as a hobby, but fishing line manufacturers should keep an eye on him just in case, because Wes Powell could certainly provide some competition.


Source: Cumberland Times

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