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Alaskan Moose- Living Alongside The Moose

Moose are pretty common in Alaska, and because of this people have had to learn to live alongside them. Moose are prized for hunting, as well as for wildlife viewing.  The largest member of the deer family aren’t normally aggressive creatures, although they can become a danger if they’re hungry, tired, or continuously harassed by people, their dogs, or automobile traffic.

The greatest danger to humans and moose alike are collisions between moose and vehicles. In fact, Alaska has the highest rate of these types of collisions anywhere in the entire world. To avoid this problem, it’s important to slow down while driving when approaching moose and to leave them plenty of room, as their behavior may become erratic.

It is also a good idea in general to never approach a moose. Besides being potentially dangerous, it is also illegal to feed moose. Moose can cause problems if they begin eating farmer’s crops or people’s hedges in their yards.

Despite these concerns, people and moose come into contact quite frequently in Alaska. Moose prefer the same low-lying habitat near streams and rivers as people do. Moose are commonly found in the Southeast Panhandle near the Unuk River to the Colvile River on the Arctic slope – areas that span a lot of territory and include many communities. The key to a happy cohabitation with the moose is to give them their space – so never approach a moose!


Source: Alaska.gov