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Keep Warm and Stay Frosty

alaska winter

It’s not nice to fool with, or underestimate, Mother Nature when hunting in the chilly season. Weather can ruin a hunting trip very quickly when you aren’t prepared for temperatures that will dip into low digits swiftly. More hunters than you could count have packed it up after only one day in the frost because cold-weather conditions weren’t properly prepared for.

We have all heard about setting out with layers of modern insulating fabrics to keep warm, but don’t forget about hands, face and feet. Keeping your fingers warm is crucial to ensuring a comfortable sitting, sometimes motionless for extended periods of time, waiting outside the warmth of direct sunlight; wool gloves with finger flaps for the trigger is a favorite among seasoned hunters in the north.

And don’t neglect your noggin. A good majority of your body heat escapes through your head, so a thick wool cap is a minimum requirement. Far north hunters recommend a balaclava as a must have regardless of lack of camouflage.

Keep your feet warm and dry as well. A quality product with plenty of ThinsulateTM will keep you comfortable. As we all have experienced, numb, cold feet can ruin a day faster than you can say frostbite. There is nothing more miserable than toes that are frozen.

Some hunters will even go so far as to bring thermal heating pads for long waits on the stand. Though a bit bulky and cumbersome, by placing one in your boots, gloves or elsewhere as needed will have you hunting with a smile on your face that isn’t frozen in place.

Something you also may not have considered is calorie burn. Cold weather burns energy fast, so make sure you have some high-energy snacks along with you. Good luck and stay frosty… in the right way!



Source: Big Game Hunt




Image by: jbthemilker