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Hunting Alaska

Hunting in AlaskaAlaska is well known for it’s lush wilderness and sparkling lakes. People will travel across the globe to hunt in regions like Alaska, where wildlife and wilderness are king. A variety of game exists in Alaska: Caribou hunting is along the coastal rain forest, musk ox on the tundra, Dall sheep in South Central and bear hunting in the Kodiak. Before setting out on your trip, know what your potentials are and seek out the adventure that best suits you!

Moose hunting has been a popular species for Alaskans throughout history. Because there are so many moose in Alaska, they have played a vital role in the state’s development. At one time, Moose were used as the major supplier of meat in Alaskan mining camps. Moose have also been used as clothing. In Alaska, it is encouraged that the hunters there use all of the meat. In fact, anyone on an Alaska moose-hunting trip is legally bound to save the meat for human consumption. If you’ve got too much meat on your hands, give the meat away to a shelter or someone who would consume it.

Early May through early July is typically the best time for bear hunting. Yes, you don’t want to go bear hunting during hibernation season. If you intend on eating the bear flesh, ensure you know what you’re doing and that the meat is fresh and well-cooked, as bear meat can be dangerous for humans if not prepared properly. Remember, too, that if you are hunting a bear, they are powerful creatures, and the potential for one to get aggressive, especially if you are hunting or encroaching on his/her territory, is high. The bear will defend their food supply and consider you an enemy.

While there are a lot of opportunities in Alaska for great hunting, one should be cautious when setting out in the Alaskan wilderness. Keeping yourself informed and knowledgeable about weather and game behaviors will increase your safety and ensure a better experience.


Source: Destination 360