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How To Catch The Elusive Musky

One fish that can be particularly difficult to catch is the musky. However, there are some ways to make it easier, such as finishing every retrieve with a figure eight motion.

To catch a musky, cast and retrieve normally until there are 18 inches of line between the rod tip and the lure.  Then dip the rod in the water and draw a figure eight. This will catch the musky’s attention, causing it to strike.  In order for the retrieve to work, make sure you don’t slow the speed or lose control of your lure. The fish can lose interest easily.

There are also special casting styles that help in difficult situations, such as the sidearm and the cross-body casts. The sidearm can be useful for when fish swim close to the bank, or when it gets very windy. The cross-body is for a slower delivery, when you need to catch bass. In general, it’s best to try out several different casting styles and tricks to find what works for you. Fishing is a fun and difficult sport, and once you get the hang of it, the results can be very rewarding.


Source: Take Me Fishing




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