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Alaska River Trips- Fishing Tips & Tricks

Fishing isn’t always easy. To master it, you have to get the basics down first. While most fishing depends on location, weather, etc., here are some tips that apply to all types of fishing.

Basic Tips and Tricks:

  •  Cast your line close to the shore.
  •  Go where the water turns from shallow to deep- fish tend to gather in these places to look for food.
  •  For larger fish, use insects as bait.
  •  Do some research before you go- look at weather and local fishing reports
  •  Try to find mossy areas to look for fish.
  •  Use a matted metal lure to prevent too much reflection.
  •  Be very patient. Bring a book to entertain yourself, because you might be waiting for quite a long time.


What You Need in Your Tackle Box:

  •  Spare hooks
  •  Flashlight
  •  Adjustable Wrench
  •  Spare rod tips and glue
  •  Lure Dye
  •  Split-ring pliers
  •  Extra line & lures
  •  First-aid supplies


While these are just simple, basic tools to store in your tackle box, they can be very useful, and soon you’ll be fishing like a pro.

Source: Take Me Fishing