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Dreams in the Deerstand

Jeb Brailsford is a self-described obsessive deer hunter and has, over his years of hunting, learned that hunting is not always about getting the biggest game or even bringing something home for the freezer. Brailsford came to understanding hunting as something more, and decided to share his blessings with the less fortunate. Heb Bailsford and Wayne Williams, long time hunting buddy, teamed up with the non-profit Outdoor Dream Foundation, an organization that allows terminally-ill  or children with life-threating illnesses, to go on a hunting expeditions.

Brailsford says, “Many people may not understand how special this is to these kids…” Brailsford recognizes they are in pain and scared, but despite their pain and everyday challenges, a lot of the kids want to be out there and sit in a deer stand. In fact, Brailsford says that are way tougher than he may be in that situation.

The children, mostly residents of the South Carolina Upstate, will also get to fish and a meal will be provided post-hunt. The hunt begins Friday afternoon around 5 p.m., and lasts until darkness. Hunting will then resume Saturday before dawn.

Only children with a know-how of firearms are actually allowed to hunt. Some of the deer stands are modified to be accessible for children in wheelchairs,  and others Brailsford or Williams will hold the gun for.

Outdoor Dream was founded by Harold and Brad Jones, out of their inspiration for the real-life story of the young man named Radio, who was mentally-challenged but welcomed on the football team by Coach Harold. A film would later be made about this inspiring story.

In nine years, the organization has helped over three hundred children, and Brailsford is determined that this hunt will be the first of many.


Source: The Tand D, The Outdoor Dream Foundation