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Big Bull Moose: Calling In The Harvest

Moose in alaskaHunting for moose in Alaska is hard work, requiring stamina, endurance, smarts, and patience. Just ask George Hunt, who finally harvested a huge bull he had noticed for years. Nicknamed “Bubba”, Hunt employed a clever bit of artistry to bring the bull close for a shot: using the shoulder blades of a deceased moose, Hunt recreates the sound of two bulls fighting for a desirable cow.

This method of luring out a bull is not uncommon, but does require both skill and patience. The sound travels far, often over a mile, and the big bull moose walks towards the sound where a hunting partner awaits to make the shot. As successful as this method is for Hunt, Bubba is more renowned for his moose-calling abilities.

A three-time national moose calling champion, Hunt cups his hand over his face with fingers pinching his nostrils. Then, he forces the outgoing air to echo in his sinus chambers as he moans while rolling his head from one side to the other. The call is intended drive the big bulls into thinking that another bull has dibs on the cow; the big bulls come to investigate, wherein they are shot by a second hunter.

Hunt likes to hunt early in the morning and after sunset. His study of bull behavior leads him to believe those are the best times to hunt the big animals.

“If you sleep in,” he says. “You ain’t hunting with me.”

His dedication and relentless pursuit of the bulls is successful. By his own estimation, Hunt has harvest over 30 bulls. His latest weighed 1,500 pounds and the meat three of Hunt’s five freezers; in addition to that meat, the harvest produced 70 pound of neck meat and 200 pounds of hamburger.

As Hunt says about his passion, “I’m a meat hunter. I just happen to shoot big moose.”


Source: Fairbanks Daily-News-Miner