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Best Things to Eat While Hunting in Alaska

Before setting off on your hunting trip make sure to pack the best foods, that can help keep your energy levels up to better climb and hike through the rough Alaskan wilderness. When going on a hunt like in Alaska, you can’t really be carrying a grill or several cooking utensils. That only makes it harder to carry your pack around and leaves less room for you to carry your trophy back home.

Go with the essentials. And take the best snack foods that are quick to eat, less of a hassle, and provide more calories to burn. Also you don’t want any foods that could give off a scent or be too loud to eat (like an apple is too loud and an orange has a strong scent) that could scare your caribou or moose away and give away your hunting position. To find out the best foods to take on a hunting trip check HERE.