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Angling In Alaska: Plan For Success

A dream of many anglers is a fishing trip to Alaska. If you go on a guided trip, your guide provides a list of recommended necessities. However, if you are planning a trip without a guide, it is up to you to bring what you need and pack it in a manner that is efficient, economical, and accessible. Below is an outline of what you need to make your visit to the Alaska wilderness most enjoyable.

Fishing License

You can wait until you get to Alaska, but with proper planning you can receive your license at home, before your trip. In this manner, you maximize the time in Alaska for fishing. Visit the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website for complete details as well as critical fishing rules and regulations.

Fishing Gear

Bring the appropriate rod for your desired catch and style of fishing. Match a high-quality reel with your rod. Bringing a spare reel and spools saves time in case you need to quickly switch out the line. A spare budget-priced rod is also recommended; if your primary rod breaks, you want to have a means to continue fishing. Fishing lines are a matter of preference, but the pound test is determined by what you fish: rainbow trout differs from silver salmon which differs from King salmon. You can take multiple spools if you plan to fish for different fish. Be sure the spools are well-labeled.

Tackle Box

Space is at a premium so opt for a soft-sided tackle box. You will also need a fishing backpack, with detachable tackle bags, able to hold first-aid kit, plastic sealable bags, a change of clothes, and rain gear. It will even hold your fish at times.

Rain Gear

Rain is inevitable and proper rain gear is important for comfort and safety. Do not skimp here. Whatever your preference as to style, be sure your gear is durable and comfortable.

Sunglasses and Hat

Sun is another threat to your comfort and ability to fish successfully. Purchase a good pair of polarized sunglasses. Your hat should shade your eyes and, if you like, screen your ears and neck. Sunscreen and bug spray are also important.

First Aid Kit

Always carry basic first aid supplies, including antiseptic, bandages, medical tape, and lotion for relief from itching from insect bites and stings.


Hip waders, waist waders, chest waders, and on and on. Bring your favorite and be sure to consider what conditions you expect to face on your trip.

Depending upon the length of your trip and a myriad of other factors, your list of additional items could grow. Nonetheless, the above items are critical to consider for any trip. Good planning is the difference between an awesome trip and a disaster. Pack well and enjoy the trip of a lifetime.


Source: Hooked On Flies

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