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Alaska Trip-Of-A-Lifetime

Most hunters only dream of traveling to Alaska to harvest a ram or a bear, while anglers salivate over reeling in an 8-pound salmon. On a recent trip in Alaska, Kaleb Yahner of Pennsylvania took all three. Kaleb, despite his young age, is an experienced hunter, often accompanying his dad on trips to locales as far away as Africa. His recent trip to Alaska was with his dad and they were led by Ray Atkins.

Ray, who has a guide business based in Cantwell, Alaska, ferried Kaleb and his father to a starting locale, along with another guide named Clay. The next day, Clay took the family out to search for ram. After locating a small gathering of ram and identifying the target, they carefully set up for the shot. Clay instructed Kaleb when to fire, and the boy successfully felled the animal.

As Kaleb relates the moment, “I think my dad and Clay were more excited than I was. They were whooping and hollering like a couple of nuts.”

The next day the family was scouting and Clay spotted a bear. Kaleb took aim and took the bear down from over 300 yards away. They skinned the bear out for a bear rug mount and butchered the meat on the spot. Kaleb’s dad encourages his son to practice extensively with his rifles in the off-season and, in this case, practice was the key and a good lesson for all hunters.

A couple of days later the family went up the Talkeetna River on a jet boat to fish where the Clear Creek and the Talkeetna Rivers meet. On his first cast, Kaleb caught an 8-pound silver salmon. He and his dad both caught their limit of chrome colored silver salmon. Much of the salmon they had filet and delivered back to their guides in Cantwell as a token of their appreciation for a trip of a lifetime.


Source: Standard Speaker