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Alaska Hunting Can Be A Bear

Kodiak BearThe Kodiak bear in the wilderness of Alaska is a treasured trophy for many hunters. However, as with any game, the Kodiak require its own methods and techniques to maximize your chances of brining one home. Consider some of the following characteristics of hunting these majestic animals in the Alaskan wilderness.

The scent of a Kodiak is exceptional in discerning humans. In order to better stalk these creatures, you must take an upwind or crosswind approach to remain undetected. Their vision is less than that of a deer, but if one catches your scent, the game is up. And though their eyes may not be as keen as other game, the Kodiak can still spot you from a half mile away, so don’t underestimate their sight. Having a good pair of binoculars is a good idea.

The bear does not have hearing as keen as that of deer, with a typical limit of perhaps a hundred yards or so. Utilizing a good spotting point with those binoculars can help you plan an approach far before the fellow will spot, hear, or catch your scent. This leads us to how best to remain undetected.

While you may be tempted to don leafy camouflage, earth tones are a far better selection. Keep to muted browns and nothing too elaborate. A Kodiak is less likely to notice your presence if you blend into the environment more subtly than trying to disappear completely. And make it comfortable; you’ll spend a good amount of time waiting for one to saunter about most likely.

Look for spring as the best chance to collect a fine Kodiak. The hides are generally fine regardless of the season. Keep a mind on the range of temperatures regardless of season though. Remember, this is Alaska, and you just don’t know what’s around the corner: Kodiak or not.


Source: Alaska Kodiak Bear Hunting Safaris