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Alaska Float Trip Guide for Fishing Salmon

Alaska Float trip salmon fishing

The season for fishing Alaska salmon occurs from May to October, which coincides with the best weather of the season as well in The Last Frontier state. An experienced fisherman will coordinate their trip according to the type of fish desired. Chinook salmon, known by many as king salmon, are found in greater numbers from May to July while sockeye are more prevalent June to late July.

Red or pink chum salmon then make their best appearance after that to mid-August and then the season winds down with cocho, or silver salmon, from July to October.  Consider this guide for the best runs and where to find the succulent salmon.

The Kenai River

Silvers, pinks, reds and king salmon can be found in the Kenai from May to October and have been known to land as much as 98 pounds. The peak of the season will be in July when as many as 41,000 fish will be running. Not to be outdone, sockeye salmon, which will average 8 to 12 pounds, are estimated to be in the neighborhood of one million strong firmly into August.

The Copper River

This stretch of river is some 300-miles long and a perfect location to land kings, sockeyes and silvers during May. In the town of Cordova, legend holds some fishermen walking away with as many as 700 fish in a single day.

Sitka’s Pacific Ocean

King salmon fishing off the coast of Sitka is best in May and June. For silver’s, July through early September is the best time of the season to catch a fish as much as 120+ pounds.

Kodiak Island

If you are looking for a more crowd-free experience, consider roadside fishing on Kodiak Island. Be wary of your fellow fisherman though as he might be a bear. Best time is first two weeks of June. After that, most of the fish are all up river.


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Photo source: Flickr