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Alaska: Dreamland For Fly-Fishing

Fly Fishing

Fly-fishing is one of the more specialized outdoor activities available to the modern angler. Few places offer the wealth of solitary fishing opportunities as the vast landscape of Alaska. First-time visitors, after an often long and convoluted trip, arrive in Alaska and are astounded by some of the finest fishing locales in the world. Foremost among the fish to be pursued are all five species of Pacific salmon as well as an incredible bounty of rainbow trout. To whet your appetite for the pursuit, here is a rundown of these incredible fish:

Sockeye Salmon: The Alaskan sockeye is the most plentiful of the Pacific salmon, with millions of these fine fish returning to the rivers and streams each summer.

Silver Salmon: The coho, or silver, salmon are popular amongst fly-fisherman since these fish tend to aggressively attack surface flies. The Togiak River is a particularly desirable place to fish these as some of the fish break the 20 pound mark.

King Salmon: If big fish are your goal, then the King Salmon, averaging between 20-25 pounds, is what you are after. Some of these fish, in fact, top 50 pounds.

Chum Salmon: These fish, typically running upstream with the King Salmon, are great for fly-fisherman with great chases and explosive strikes.

Pink Salmon: Named for the large hump on the back of the male formed during spawning, these fish only run every other year so plan accordingly.

Rainbow Trout: Smaller than salmon, the trout in Alaska are the most popular to fish. Excellent fishing of these beauties is found throughout the state all summer long.

To fly fish in Alaska has many opportunities unparalleled in the other 49 states. If you love the vast outdoors and spending your day casting a line in pursuit of your favorite fish, plan your trip today.


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