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A Very Hunter Christmas

The Hunter's GiftEvery hunter loves his or her gadgets. Here are a list of some great gift ideas for a hunter.

1. Depending on where one is hunting, it can get cold. A pair of thermal insoles, with remote control heated inserts, may be just what the hunter ordered. It may seem cheesy, but this makes the unbearably frigid, bearable.

2. A high tech watch can do more than just tell the time and temperature. Watches can record GPS coordinates and map out hundreds or thousands of routes. Imagine being able to create a route back to the car, or maybe to the campsite, or maybe that area of woods that felt just right.

3. A good lantern can make all the difference. Headlamps may be good part of the time, but a nice lantern can give a cozy, real-camp kind of feel at dinner.

4. Gloves. Gloves cannot be more appreciated in the world. They really can save lives, and a good pair of gloves make anybody happy.

5. Camera. There are cameras out there that are designed to specifically capture shots of animals, in the wilderness. These camouflaged cameras will shoot while you are away, and generally do a good job of not spooking the animals. Maybe look for a user-friendly brand, as hunters don’t always want to endure the setup of a overly-complicated camera.

6. Portable fridge/freezer. This could be a great way to store game caught during the hunt.

7. A good, water-resistant pouch will help if the hunter or fisher needs it.

8. A cookbook filled with recipes specifically for hunted game is a no-brainer.

9. A marshmallow pump gun is fun. There’s no real practical use for it, but it may be a great idea for something around the house. It may not be the best thing for the field or campground, as the marshmallows may attract unwanted animals, but it can really settle some family scores.


Source: Field and Stream




Photo Credit: Flickr