Best Time for Alaska Bear Hunting

Spring Alaska Bear Hunting


Spring Alaska Bear
Few hunting events match the excitement of the pursuit and harvest of an Alaska brown bear. Our experience, provide our clients the best possible opportunities for success in their pursuit. We offer both spring and summer hunts; each season offering it’s own challenges and rewards.

Alaska bear hunting is primarily done through some form of spot and stalk hunting during any season. Although in the spring, the hunt involves more climbing to higher elevations and looking for signs of bears leaving hibernation. These climbs are strenuous, often requiring the use of snowshoes. The hunters must be in good physical condition. Once near the winter dens, the stalks begin. Brown bears lose much body fat during hibernation so their spring days are spent either feeding or basking in the mid-day sun. Your spring hunt remains focused on the mountainous areas where the bears den; during your hunt you will likely see other wildlife including caribou and moose.

Advantages To Spring Bear Hunts

Here are some advantages to bear hunting in Alaska during the Spring

-During the spring, there is still snow out so spotting fresh bear tracks is much easier then.
-You can still use snowmobiles to get places.
-There are longer daylight hours.
-Wolf, ptarmigan and hare are also open until April 30th.
-A bear will be looking for either Moose or Caribou, so there is a chance of getting “two birds with one stone”.

Spring Alaska bear hunts offer an exciting opportunity to pursue North American big game. The Spring season requires patience and skill. The success of your trip depends upon your conditioning, preparation, and availability. No matter the season, we work harder so you have a successful harvest.