Alaska Moose Hunting


Another successful moose hunting trip in Alaska with Ram Aviation

Guided and unguided moose hunting in Alaska is open to both State Residents and Non-Residents, however, Non-Resident Moose hunters must be DRAWN to hunt in Game Management Unit (GMU) #23.  The units we typically utilize are:

 DM872 ** DM876 ** DM871

The moose drawing applications can only be submitted online – PAPER APPLICATIONS ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTED.  The application process opens November 1st – and close Mid-December (Dates vary … please check the AKDF&G Website for actual closure dates).   The results of the moose hunting drawings will be published at some point during February for that year’s hunts.  You can put in for the draw at the Alaska Department of Fish & Game Website AKDF&G Website

What should you expect when booking your Alaska moose hunt?

There is nobody flying the Alaska bush today that is more experienced than Ram Aviation. That experience means you’ll see more moose, we know where the moose are and we put you in the field nearby.

Of course nobody can prepare you for staring down the second largest animal in North America. An animal towering over you with a set of antlers that are as wide as you are tall.  This is something Ram Aviation takes seriously and wants to ensure you are prepared for when we drop you in the field for your Alaska Moose hunt.

Ram Aviation specializes in fly-In drop off moose hunts – this means we also take additional precautions when booking our hunters to ensure they understand and have experience with moose hunts, or Alaska drop off hunts in general.  If you haven’t been on a moose hunt or – at a minimum – experienced a drop off Caribou hunt.  We will discuss your hunt experience with you and may ask that you consider taking one of our drop off Caribou hunts first, before booking your drop off moose hunt.  This will ensure you get some experience under your belt being exposed to the terrain, weather, judging animals, the required meat care as specified by U.S. Fish & Game, packing your harvest, camping and other things that can happen during an Alaskan drop off hunt.

If you are unsure that your hunting experience has prepared you for a hunt of this magnitude, you may decide you need to book a drop off Caribou hunt, or maybe have a guide to assist you. Ram Aviation can book those hunts for you as well.  During our discussions we will go over all the possibilities and provide you with the answers you need to make an educated decision on whether to do a drop off or guided hunt.

You’ll come here for an adventure

Some people can look at the pictures on our site and think, “Wow, Alaska sure is beautiful, it might be fun to go there sometime.”

You, however, are already starting to feel a little pull toward the adventure. Wondering if you’re really up to a week in the wild with no phone, no TV, no anything humdrum. You’re wondering if you have a hunting friend that could make it out there. Wondering if you could make it out there.

Over the next few days, you’ll probably find yourself back here at our website (just bookmark it now), checking the links to the hunting regulations. Mentally going through the checklists, comparing the gear you’ll need with what you already have. Maybe even checking on flights to Anchorage and then on to Kotzebue.

Your Alaska moose hunting adventure is waiting

If you’re feeling the tug of adventure, you’ll be coming to Alaska.  We have a bit of a warning though:  the things on our website and the things that you can download can’t really prepare you. Even your past experience can’t prepare you.

Alaska will overwhelm you. You have to live it.

Call us and we’ll get you out there.