Alaska Hunting Regulations


Ram Aviation delivers you to the right spots for great Alaska caribou hunting.

Alaska offers hunting opportunities found in only a few other locations in the world. Bears, caribou, moose, Dall sheep and deer are just some of the big games available for harvest. Alaska’s vast size makes it suitable to longer term hunting trips. More experienced hunters suggest at least budgeting for five days in the field. Animal distribution patterns, transportation and access considerations, and rapidly changing weather conditions mean that additional days on the ground increase your chances of a successful harvest.

Before you come to Alaska, be sure to familiarize yourself with the Alaska Hunting Regulations, available from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. The regulations contain information on general hunting seasons, registration hunts, and bag limits. The regulations change from year to year and it is your responsibility as a hunter to know and understand the regulations affecting your hunt. Stiff fines and penalties face those hunters who breach the regulations.

The more informed you are as a hunter, the more successful your experience in Alaska. Seek out information from both private and governmental sources on trip tips, hunting techniques, animal behavior, and meat management. Alaska offers hunters the experience of a lifetime. Educate yourself and you increase your chances of a safe trip, with a bountiful harvest.

Your Alaska caribou hunting or Alaska moose hunting trip is made possible by the fine people at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. They’re the ones who oversee the distribution of licenses and the drawing of specific tags.

They also are the ones who have set up some regulations that might seem strange to outsiders. One example would be how you have to handle the meat you take. We won’t go into details here, because we want you to read the official Department of Fish and Game website in case they’ve made any changes.

Also, be sure you’re reading the specific rules for the area where you’re hunting. There are things that are required in GMU 23, where we do most of our camps, that are different than some of the other Game Management Units.

Check our Alaska Dept of Fish and Game links

You are responsible getting all required licenses, tags & harvest reports before your arrival in Kotzebue. As a licensed Alaska Air Transporter, we’ll need to check your documents before we take you out, and we’ll walk you through some of the finer points the morning you head into the field.

Just be aware that you are the one responsible for your hunting activities. Our local game officers are good people. You’ll find they’re friendly – but strict. Don’t think that just because you hunting in Alaska and are miles from the nearest town, that they won’t drop in on you. They fly everyday and know we’re going to drop you in spots where the caribou or other game are, so they know pretty much where you should be.