Alaska Grizzly Bear Hunting


Ram Aviation will help you set up your Alaska grizzly bear hunting trip.

The grizzly bear is the same species of bear as the brown bear, but the name grizzly is taken from it’s “grizzled” fur – gray hairs mixed into the brown. They’ve also been called “silvertip bears.”

Above the Arctic Circle where we hunt the Grizzly’s – an adult male Alaska grizzly bear can get up to 1500 pounds and stand 8-10 feet tall.  They are considerably smaller than the brown bear that are hunted in lower Alaska, but still provide that “fear factor” when you see one in the field and remain a sought after trophy for many of our hunters.

While scientists and the Department of Fish and Game consider the grizzly and the brown bear to be the same species, here in Northwest Arctic Alaska we consider the bears in the GMU 23 to be grizzlies, and those on the Alaska Peninsula to be brown bears. Ram Aviation flies into both of those area and many more.

Alaska Grizzly Bear Hunting for Non-Residents

For non-residents, the state requires Alaska grizzly bear hunters to be accompanied by a licensed guide. Ram Aviation can help get your Alaska grizzly bear hunting trip set up with one of our approved guides.

We’ve provided some of the best hunting trips in Arctic Northwest Alaska for over 20 years and we know which are the best guides to work with. Give us a call when you want to go on an Alaska grizzly bear hunt and we’ll help you find the right guide for your trip.