Alaska Float Trips

Float trips are a great way to see the vast wilderness of Alaska!

Float trips are a great way to see the vast wilderness of Alaska!

Alaska Float & Fishing Trips

You can add a whole different element to your Alaska Caribou Hunt or your Alaska Moose hunt by adding in the use of one of our Rafts. Floating (and fishing!) is a great way to see some of Alaska that way. large game hunting on a raft gives you the ability to meander at your own pace, exploring more ground and seeing more sites than at a stationary camp. You dictate the pace of your trip; you make camp, investigate your locale, and move on if no game is in evident. Additionally, you can catch trout, salmon, and enjoy the spectacular Alaskan scenery while searching for your Alaskan caribou and moose.

The combination of world-class fishing and big game hunting is unparalleled. Because we have permits in places like the Noatak National Preserve, Selawik National Wildlife Refuge and Bureau of Land Management units, it opens up many lakes, fields and streams. You do not have to be highly trained to add rafting to your trip. In fact, the low water levels in Alaska during the fall hunting season make most float trips easy and fun even for inexperienced boaters. Normally, when we take you out into the bush, we land on flat gravel strips along the edge of one of our NW Alaska rivers, and with the combination of glaciers and running water it has created smooth patches of gravel that are exposed during the lower water levels of that season.

Those same low water levels make your Alaska float trips that more manageable and entertaining- which allows you to experience more areas and captivating scenaries during your hunt vs. having a stationary camp.

During our Caribou Hunt Alaska trips or Alaska Moose Hunts, most hunters are dropped into one area and set up camp and spend their time looking for game.  Since you’re near water, many of our hunters discover the game eventually comes to them. But you’re limited to seeing that little portion of the vast Alaska Wilderness where we drop you off.

There’s More To See On Our Alaska Float Trips

On Ram Aviation’s Alaska float trips, we provide you with a rugged inflatable boat, oars and PFD’s and you bring in your other gear, so you can float down the river and find the best hunting spots. Alaska Caribou hunts and Alaska Moose hunts are the most sought after hunts Alaska has to offer and by adding this additional element to your hunt, it gives you an added bonus to that “once in a lifetime” hunting experience.  Alaska float hunting is a spectacular way to experience even more of the wilderness than you would if you were just sitting in a stationary campsite.

Ready to take your Alaskan caribou hunts to a whole new level?  Ask us about our Alaska Caribou Hunting or Alaska Moose Hunting Float Trips …. you’ll be glad you did!!

Upgrade Your Adventure – Include One Of Our Alaska Float Trips

Ram Aviation has been providing the best hunting trips in Arctic Northwest Alaska for over 25+ years – longer than anyone else.  We know the game, we know the wilderness. Do your research and see why we are your gateway to a quality adventure in Alaska. Give us a call when you’re ready for your Alaska Float Trip.