Alaska Brown Bear Hunting


Alaska brown bear hunting success with Ram Aviation

The brown bear and the grizzly bear are considered to be the same bear by scientists and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

An adult male Alaska brown bear can get up to 1500 pounds and stand 8-12 feet tall. The Alaska brown bear hunting license is good for either type of bear.  This Alaska Brown Bear to the left was taken in the Spring season ou of Cold Bay, AK and was measured out at approximately 11’2″ – imagine the adrenaline rush you have when you meet up with this guy in the willows!!

While they’re technically the same type of bear, here in Northwest Arctic Alaska we consider the bears in the Alaska Peninsula to be Brown Bears and those in GMU 23 to be Grizzlies. Ram Aviation flies into both of those area and many more.

Alaska Brown Bear Hunting for Non-Residents

For non-residents, Alaska requires hunters to be accompanied by a licensed guide. Ram Aviation can help get your Alaska brown bear hunting trip set up with one of our approved guides.  Please see our Guided Hunts Page for additional information – if you’re looking for that big Boar squaring out at 10-11′ … these are the hunts for you!!

We’ve provided some of the best hunting trips in Arctic Northwest Alaska for over 20 years and we know which are the best guides to work with. Give us a call when you want to go Alaska brown bear hunting and we’ll help you find the right guide for your trip.