Alaska Black Bear Hunting


Alaska black bears are smaller than the grizzly or brown bear but still an excellent hunt.

Black bears are smaller than their brown bear and grizzly bear cousins. Small is a relative term. They are still a serious game animal for hunters.

An adult male black bear can stand 6-7 feet tall on it’s hind legs and weigh in at 500-700 pounds. As we said, “small” is a relative term.

Many hunters consider the meat from a black bear to be better tasting than that of the brown or grizzly bear.

Alaska Black Bear Hunting Information

While grizzly and brown bears require a guide for non-resident hunters, anyone interested in Alaska black bear hunting is not limited that way, which makes for a much more affordable hunt. Also, there are more black bears available, so your chances of success are much higher as well.

Ram Aviation generally suggests hunters choose GMU 23 for Alaska black bear hunting. We drop off hunters all over the Northwest Alaska region though, so if you have a different preference, give us a call.